Pacific Coast Liferaft supplies more than just liferafts. We also handle life rings, E.P.I.R.B.s, hydrostatic release units and more. All survival equipment packed into a liferaft is also available for individual purchase. Time dated items such as flares, and rations are purchased regularly during the year to ensure the freshest date possible from the manufacturer. Call us for a quote on earthquake supply kits.

Other products we carry include:

Immersion Suits - Sales and Inspection

These approved abandonment suits are intended to be quickly donned in case of emergency and are designed to provide the best protection from cold and exposure in the water.

Fitzwright Brand
This suit has convenient features such as tethered gloves for "Hands free" dexterity, and slim, tapered legs which allow you to easily perform Emergency Duties while providing thermal and life-saving protection. Available in 3 sizes.

Imperial Brand
The Imperial immersion suit is a one piece design with three-fingered mits to keep your fingers warmer. Wide legs for quick donning, this suit has been in production since 1969. Available in 3 sizes.

Fitzwright and Imperial Immersion Suits

Rescue Boats

Four and Six person, Transport Canada approved rescue boats.

Rescue boats supplied by Pacific Coast Liferaft

Marine Signal Flares

S.O.L.A.S, USCG & Transport Canada Approved pyrotechnic signals, Man Overboard Signals, Line Throwers, etc.

Marine Signal Flares

(Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)

Marine distress communication using the satellite system which provides global detection of 406 MHz EPIRBS.

  • Ocean Signal
  • McMurdo

Class 1 (float free) EPIRBS are required on most Canadian commercial vessels. Manual units are also available.

Emergeny Position Indicating Radio Beacons

Personal Lights

Replacement lights for life jackets, and immersion suits. These activate automatically when in water.

Life Jacket lights

Life Jackets, Life Bouys and Lights

Life Jackets, Life Bouys

Hydrostatic Release Units

Designed to release the liferaft from the cradle automatically as the vessel sinks.

SOLAS, Transport Canada, USCG approved.

Also available for EPIRBS.

These units are time dated and must be replaced two years from installation.

Hydrostatic release units

Earthquake / Rescue Supplies

Vacuum packed food & water Waterproof Flashlights Emergency blankets Whistles, Signal mirrors, etc.

Let us quote you on bulk orders.

Earthquake and rescue food and water supplies