Safe Disposal

Safely Dispose Of Flares and Man-Over-Boards

Proper disposal of flares is important as they cannot be thrown in the regular trash due to their safety hazards. The only real safe way to get rid of them is through someone licensed for explosives disposal.

How do I go green?

Only buy the number of flares that you actually require.  Store in a dry location out of the reach of children or pets.

Flares cannot be reused.

Bring them in anytime, during business hours.

Disposal fees:

Expired pyrotechnics:
    • “A” para rocket, @ $6.00 ea
    • “B” 2star @ $2.00 ea
    • “C” hand flare@ $2.00 ea
    • “D” smoke@ $6.00 ea


Expired Man-Over-Board or Line Throwing Rocket:

    • $35 ea
PainsWessex Hand Flare Type 22C22 T.C. SOLAS 768x480
PainsWessex MK9 Man Overboard Smoke And Light Wbracket 768x480
PainsWessex Red Parachute Rocket Type 22A22 T.C. SOLAS 768x480