Safe Disposal

Safely Dispose Of Flares and Man-Over-Boards

Disposal fees:

Expired pyrotechnics:
    • “A” para rocket, @ $6.00 ea
    • “B” 2star @ $2.00 ea
    • “C” hand flare@ $2.00 ea
    • “D” smoke@ $6.00 ea


Expired Man-Over-Board or Line Throwing Rocket:

    • $35 ea

Purchasing New flares to replace your expired ones? We provide a discount or even waive the disposal fee completely if new flares are purchased at the same time as disposal.

Disposal Hours:

    • Any time during business hours
      • M-F 8am-4pm
PainsWessex Hand Flare Type 22C22 T.C. SOLAS 768x480
PainsWessex MK9 Man Overboard Smoke And Light Wbracket 768x480
PainsWessex Red Parachute Rocket Type 22A22 T.C. SOLAS 768x480