Servicing Your Raft

Maintaining your liferaft is as important as the original purchase.

Regular service can extend the life of your liferaft and ensures all components will function as required during an emergency.

Inspection procedures include:

  • The visual inspection of the container or valise.
  • Removing the liferaft from the container.
  • The cylinder is removed and the liferaft is inflated by dry compressed air. If gas inflation is required -due to regulations- the cylinder is left on and used to inflate the liferaft.
  • After gas inflation the cylinder is also removed and will be hydro tested and refilled.
  • During inflation all valves are checked to confirm they are letting out excess pressure and that they close to retain the designed working pressure.
  • The valves are plugged and liferaft is tested to a pressure above the maximum working pressure. During this test the liferaft is inspected for any signs of and damage or deterioration of fabric, adhesive or components.
  • All components are checked and the emergency packs are removed.
  • The liferaft is subjected to a controlled pressurized leak test and the results recorded.
  • During the test the emergency contents are checked and if required expired, damaged or dated items are replaced.
  • Prior to re-packing, the liferaft is cleaned and dried if required.
  • The liferaft is deflated and the cylinders checked for weight and re-connected.
  • The liferaft is now re-packed.
  • The container is cleaned, and if required, labels are replaced.

Please allow 3-6 business days to service your liferaft. If you require shipping instructions please contact us.





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Located in Victoria, Pacific Coast Liferaft Ltd is the only liferaft service station located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

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